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"You may find yourself at the party, alongside someone you might like, dancing. What follows is academic. Melody, harmony, propulsion, inebriation, a kiss. Composition and decomposition, focus and blur. Sublimation. The hangover, the workweek. The weekend again, maybe you see someone you like.

If you could, you would take a pill and feel all at once all of life’s offerings. In lieu of that, you might take a camera and shoot everything. The slow accretion of a body of work in photography is the antithesis of a singular moment of ecstasy, though both drugs and film can be usefully conceived of as mediating substances. But where drugs always wear off, the impression of a truly potent image has much longer-lasting and farther-reaching effects. "

Text by RJ Basinillo from TRANCE exhibition (2021) featuring works by Annie Forrest alongside those of Zac Cruz. All images on this page by Annie.

Born 2 Rave

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